Cleanout w/ Screen


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The Cleanout w/ Screen is the perfect solution for keeping your downspouts free of debris. Its simple installation on any plain round downspout within arms reach, combined with its built-in screen, ensures that leaves are effectively trapped and do not clog your underground drainage system. Keep your gutters clean and your home protected with this convenient product.

Cleanout attached to the Downspout. - Filters debris from clogging up your drainage system.
- Compatible with 3 in. Round and 2x3" Downspout or 4 in. Round 3x4" Downspout or 5 in. Round and 4x5" Downspout.
- Material: Painted Aluminum, Galvalume, Pure Copper.
- Mesh Material: Stainless Steel.
- Primer Selection, come in an unknown colored cleanout, primarily used to paint over to match house trim.