#10-12 x 1 in. Hex Head with Washer Screw SILVER


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Bag of 250

Easily secure your materials with our #10-12 x 1 in. Hex Head with Washer Screw. The hex head design provides a strong grip while the washer helps to distribute the load, preventing damage. Trust our silver screws to keep your project in place with ease.

1 in. Carbon Steel Self Pierce 1/4" Hex Head Screw.
- Diameter: #10.
- Length: 1 in.
- Metal Type: Carbon Steel.
- Finish Type: Ceramic Silver 1000 hr.
- Head/Drive Detail: 1/4" Tall.
- Thread Type: Twin Lead/Hi-Lo Thread.
- Point Type: Type 17 Point.
- Sealing Washer: Yes
- Sold individual screw or bag of 250 pc.