Ivy Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades


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H1024C 10" 24T #28710
H1232C 12" 32T #28732
H1218C 12" 18T #28718
H1224C 12" 24T #28724

These Ivy Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades are expertly designed for precision cutting and durability. Made with a bi-metal construction, they offer superior strength and flexibility, allowing for a smooth and efficient cutting experience. With these blades, you can confidently tackle any cutting job and achieve professional results.

Carded - 1 blade per card

-Cobalt Bi-Metal blades with 8% cobalt matrix II alloy-steel cutting edge.
-Cutting edge electron welded to a flexible, alloy-steel back.
-Made in U.S.A.