Ivy Folding Key Set


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Hex 7 Pc. Metric #17008
Hex 9 Pc. Imperial #17002
Hex 5 Pc. Imperial #17004
Torx Tamper 8 Pc. T8-T40 - S2 #17012

This compact and durable Ivy Folding Key Set offers a convenient solution for organizing your keys. With its sleek design, it easily fits into your pocket or purse. The set includes a variety of key sizes, making it perfect for everyday use. Simplify your life and make accessing your keys effortless with the Ivy Folding Key Set.

'-Black oxide finish for durability and long life.
-Power Pro Grip® - Slip resistant, co-molded rubber handle ensures a more comfortable and secure grip.
-Folding knife action for ease of use.