Malco Aviation Snips


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Mini, Left/Offset - AVM6EV
Mini, Right/Offset - AVM7EV
Combo Cut/Cut - AV3
Left Cut/Cut - AV1
Right Cut/Cut - AV2
Right/Offset - AV7
Left/Offset - AV6
Left, Vertical/Vertical - AV8
Right, Vertical/Vertical - AV9

With Malco Aviation Snips, experience precision and ease in cutting through metal. These snips are designed for effortless cutting, making them perfect for various aviation and industrial uses. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to complete any cutting tasks with efficiency and accuracy. Invest in these aviation snips to elevate your metalworking abilities.

'- Hand Grips, Forged Steel Jaws.
- Sharp tight cuts for awkward places.
- Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 18/22.
- Cuts tight curves and straight.
- Kush’n-Power comfort grips.